Since 2008 freaks division has been the leader of the skate park market in the Balkans with realization of skate parks in Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia. Skating is the world fastest growing sport. That’s why we are trying to give opportunity to people to skate and enjoy ramps of good quality. We are able to adapt and provide ramps in each and every layout and to adapt ourselves to different sizes, budget, both indoor and outdoor places, as well as to satisfy different desires of skaters and communities. All our skate parks are design by skaters and for skaters. And of course our ramps follow all European standards of security and norms, and are certified by the TUV in accordance with DIN EN 14974.


We perceive extreme sports (skate boarding, rollerblading i BMX) as cultures dominating the Balkans and promoting urban way of living, as well as sports which connect young people of different age, gender and nationality. We are working on promoting the development of extreme sports by building skate parks, organizing competitions and promotions, as well as sponsoring young talents.


"FREAKS DIVISION ‘’ is determined to assist in the development and promotion of extreme sports in the Balkans.”FREAKS Division will work with young people, local communities, line ministries and secretariats, media, sponsors and others with whom we share the same values and ideas. The quality of our products, projects and promotions will always be organized so that their goal is the realization of our mission.